Artist statement

The blues and the moods of Lake Huron combined with the call of roads less travelled through Bruce County, Ontario were the inspiration that began my journey into photography more than ten years ago.  I’ve exchanged the blues surrounding The Bruce for every shade of green, yellow and white that can be found in the forests around Iroquois Falls, Ontario and beyond.  My husband and I enjoy travelling; especially day trips.

Spring and Fall are my favourite times for getting out and about.  The air is crisp, intensifying colours and I am particularly partial to the textures that emerge during the transition between seasons.  Texture plays an important consideration in my choice of paper for a particular print.

And when my fibromyalgia makes traveling too uncomfortable or interrupts my focus on the digital processing of my photographs, I let my imagination and the mouse express my feelings and discomfort by transforming photographs into abstract digital art.


Location:  645 Lariviere Lane, Iroquois Falls, ON Canada   705.232.8182

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